Migrant Education

Hydaburg City School District participates in the Migrant Education program. 

The Migrant Education program was developed in 1966 by the US Department of Education to ensure that all students, ages 3-21, reach challenging academic standards and graduate with a high school diploma.  Its purpose is to reduce the unique challenges that children of migratory workers may face such as:

  • A high level of mobility

  • Cultural and/or language barriers

  • Social or community isolation

While Alaska’s Migrant children may have different characteristics than the Migrant farmworkers’ children in the lower 48, this program strives to alleviate the impacts of being away from home while engaged in either commercial fishing, subsistence fishing, or berry picking.

If a child is gone from his/her residence for at least seven nights and eight days (not necessarily consecutive) within a one-year period while parents are involved in one of the above-mentioned activities, he/she may be eligible for the program. All parents fill out a migrant survey in the enrollment packet to alert our recruiters to call or contact parents.  Eligibility is then determined by the migrant education office in Juneau.

Hydaburg’s program offers in-school tutoring as needed and extra school materials for in-home use.