Title I

The federal title programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) emphasize equal access to education, set high academic standards and demand a rigorous level of accountability from schools and districts. These programs provide supplemental funding to eligible schools to raise the academic achievement of struggling learners and address the complex challenges that arise among students who live with disability, mobility problems, learning difficulties, poverty, transience and the need to learn a second language.

For Hydaburg School these programs include:

  • Title IA Improving Education for Disadvantaged & Struggling Students

  • Title IC Migrant Students Educational Support

  • Title IIA Teacher and Principal Quality and Support

  • Title VI Indian Education

Hydaburg School uses the money from these grants to assist our students in the following ways:

  • Title IA- HCSD has a ‘school-wide’ Title I program, meaning that in schools with over 40% of students who qualify for Free and Reduced meals, services are delivered to all enrolled students.

  • As a Title I school, Hydaburg is required to adopt a curriculum, the Alaska State Standards, which act as a guide for teaching and learning. Hydaburg uses a wide variety of programs to teach these standards. Programs include: Barton Reading for elementary, Wilson Reading, Hienemann Language Arts for middle school, Pearson Math for high school and many more.